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2022 Yamaha TT-R 50

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Our littlest TT-R boasts big YZ styling, four-stroke power, a three-speed automatic-clutch gearbox and it even comes with push-button electric starting. So go ahead... play in the dirt!

TT-R 50
Sale Type
Team Yamaha Blue
Engine Size
50 cc
595mm (23.4")
4-stroke, air-cooled, SOHC, 2-valve, single
795mm (31.3")
1,305mm (51.4")
Yamaha Racing Blue
925mm (36.4")
Wet Weight
58 kg (128 lb)
Final Drive
Seat Height
555mm (21.9")
Tires (Rear)
2.50-10 4PR
Constant mesh, 3-speed, semi automatic
Brakes (Rear)
Fuel Delivery
Mikuni VM11
Fuel Capacity
3.1 litres (0.7 imp. gal.)
Tires (Front)
2.50-10 4PR
Brakes (Front)
Maximum Torque
0.32 kg-m (2.3 ft-lb) @ 5,500 rpm
Bore And Stroke
36 x 48.6 mm
Ground Clearance
135mm (5.3")
Compression Ratio
Suspension (Rear)
Monocross, single shock / 71mm (2.8") wheel travel
Suspension (Front)
26 mm conventional fork / 96mm (3.8") wheel travel
Ignition / Starting
CDI / Electric & kick


An air-cooled, 50 cc, SOHC, 2-valve, 4-stroke powerplant produces smooth, reliable, novice-friendly power that will help ease new riders up the learning curve.


Convenient, push-button electric starting makes it a snap to get running, taking one of the hassles out of learning how to ride.

features and benefits

Key Features

  • Convenient, push-button electric starting makes learning to ride much easier.
  • Compact engine cases.
  • Proven, 2-valve cylinder head design.
  • Intake & exhaust valves feature special "carbon cutter" valve stem design.
  • Automatic ratchet-type cam chain adjuster.
  • Lightweight crankshaft design. ​


  • Air-cooled, 50 cc, SOHC, 2-valve, 4-stroke powerplant produces smooth, novice-friendly power that eases the new rider up the learning curve.
  • Convenient, push-button electric starting makes learning to ride much easier.
  • Compact engine cases.
    • keeps engine width narrow
    • makes it easier for smaller riders to get their feet firmly on the ground
  • Proven, 2-valve cylinder head design.
    • easy to adjust traditional rocker arm valve actuation
    • 150-hour valve adjustment intervals
  • Intake & exhaust valves feature special "carbon cutter" valve stem design.
    • automatically removes carbon build up from the valve stems
    • maintains maximum engine efficiency and power
    • carbon build up on valve stems can lead to sticky valves and poor performance
  • Automatic ratchet-type cam chain adjuster.
    • reduces maintenance time, tune-up costs and reduces mechanical engine noise
  • Lightweight crankshaft design.
  • Mikuni VM11 carburetor with electric carb heater (heater does not function above 16 degrees Celsius).
    • crisp, easy-to-use, linear throttle response
    • excellent fuel economy
    • carb heater reduces engine warm-up time and improves cold-weather starting
    • "Electroless" nickel plating applied to valve seat and nickel silver needle valve to counter act the negative effects of E10 (10% ethanol) fuels.
  • Washable foam air filter reduces costs.
  • Smooth-shifting, 3-speed transmission with automatic centrifugal clutch.
    • auto clutch eases the beginner into the basics of shifting without the complications of a clutch
    • optimized transmission ratios match engine output
  • CDI (capacitor discharge ignition) system.
    • maintenance-free
    • delivers a strong spark for fast starts & solid engine performance
  • Centrifugal oil filtering system.
    • automatically removes any particles found in the oil
    • never requires cleaning or maintenance
    • fast, easy oil changes
  • Lightweight, up-swept exhaust system.
    • produces a quiet exhaust note to keep the neighbours happy
    • numerous heat shields to protect young riders for hot components
    • cleanable screen-type spark arrestor


  • Rugged "mini-size" steel backbone-type frame provides rugged durability whether being ridden by a child or an adult. The engine mounts to the frame at three points, making the entire chassis more rigid for superior handling.
  • Triangulated steel tube swingarm.
  • Conventional 22 mm Showa front fork offers a class-leading 96 mm (3.8") of wheel travel.
    • confidence-inspiring control over rough terrain
    • plastic fork leg protectors help prevent stone chips in fork tubes and extend fork seal life
  • Monocross single-shock rear suspension with 71 mm (2.8") of wheel travel.
    • delivers progressive suspension performance to smooth out rough trails
  • Low 556 mm (21.9") seat height.
    • allows most riders to put both feet firmly on the ground for added confidence
    • provides a handling-enhancing lower centre of gravity & lightweight feeling
  • Long, motocross-style seat is low, comfortable and allows good rider mobility.
  • Front and rear 80 mm drum brakes
    • strong, dependable stopping power
    • brake components are the same front and rear
  • 2.50 x 10 front and rear knobby tires
    • puncture-resistant 4-ply design
    • excellent traction in the dirt
  • 135 mm (5.3") of ground clearance
    • allows the TT-R50E to tackle modest obstacles
  • 3-litre plastic resin fuel tank
    • plenty of smiles and fun between fill-ups
    • on/off/reserve fuel petcock for peace of mind


  • Serrated folding foot pegs provide excellent grip even in wet or muddy conditions
  • Convenient handlebar mounted paddle-style choke lever
  • Rugged YZ-F inspired plastic body components resist damage in the event of a tip-over
  • YZ-F inspired styling & graphics gives the TT-R50E that big YZ look
  • YZ-style handlebar with protective foam pad features a re-enforcing cross bar for extra strength
  • Low maintenance sealed battery prevents leaks during a tip-over (battery should be charged during winter storage)

Safety Items

  • Adjustable throttle stop screw allows adult supervisor to control top speed by restricting how far the throttle can be opened. Adjustment design is fast & easy
  • Key operated ignition allows parents to control use
  • Exhaust heat shields protect young riders from hot components
  • Upper and lower chain guards

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Adult supervision and proper protective riding gear, including a helmet & eye protection are a must when a youngster is operating a TT-R50E.

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